One of the best production boats ever built, the C&C 27 was the yacht that set C&C Yachts on the road to becoming a world leader in fiberglass sailboats. Of all the designs produced by C&C (Designers George Cuthbertson & George Cassion), the 27 was by far their most successful. There are many reasons for her success; her outstanding sailing performance, roominess, comfort, classic lines and quality construction are just a few. It also may be that for so many sailors she's simply the perfect sized yacht. Whatever the reasons, with nearly 1,000 hulls produced, the C&C 27 remains a yardstick, against which in many ways successive competitors are still being measured.

C&C Yachts produced four versions of the original 27, and designated these as the Mark I, the Mark IA "Tall Rig", the Mark II, and the Mark III.  The market however, has since re-labeled the four versions simply as the Mark I, II, III and IV.

With hull number 915, “Dauntless” is the inaugural C&C 27 Mark IV; the very first of the new Mark IV models off the production line in February, 1981. The greatest change from the previous Mark III model was cosmetic, with the primarily teak interior giving way to the more “modern” style adopted in the rest of the C&C line: off-white melamine trimmed with teak and dark-anodized aluminum moldings. Other substantial changes included setting the forestay back about seven inches to accommodate a bow roller and upgrading auxiliary power to a two-cylinder Yanmar (2GM). A total of 69 Mark IV’s were produced from 1981 to 1982 (hulls #915 to #984).

Design line drawings

Design line drawings

C&C 27, Mk. IV Technical Specifications

Hull Numbers = 915-984
Years Built = 1981-82
LOA = 27'-10.5"
LWL = 22'-10.5"
Beam = 9'-2"
Draft = 4'-6"
Ballast = 2116 lbs.
Disp. = 5500 lbs.
Rig Height = 37' 0"
Sail Area = 372 sq. ft

C&C 27, Mk. IV Derived Performance Characteristics

Displacement to LWL = 204
LWL to Beam = 2.5
Hull Speed = 6.42
Motion Comfort = 18.06
Sail Area to Displacement = 19.1
Capsize Ratio = 2.08
Pounds Per Inch = 751

C&C 27, Mk. IV Maximum Mainsail, Headsail & Spinnaker Measurements

I = 37.0’
J = 11.17’
JC = 11.75’
LP = 18.43’ (165%)
SPL = 11.75’
WPL = 14.74’
SMW = 21.15’ (180%)
P = 31.0’
E = 10.0’
HBL =  0.50’
MGU = 4.15’
MGM = 6.88’

C&C 27, MK. IV Performance Polar Diagram